Woodland Wanderings

Perry Woods, Faversham

Have you ever found a place that feels so far away from everything you know yet it is almost on your doorstep?

Recently we decided to visit Perry Woods, a popular woodland in Selling, Kent. It doesn’t take very long for us to get to by car, maybe about 30 minutes. I’d heard the name mentioned a few times but had never looked for it until this day. I’m so glad we did. I loved it so much that the next day, the first thing I did was get up, get dressed and head straight back there on my own with Magnus and my camera.

PERRY WOODS-4It’s not a huge woodland – you’re not very far away from houses and roads. However there are points along the trail that really feel like you are, where all you can hear are the birds and the wind through the branches of the trees. The trees especially are beautiful here, tall and rich in colour – I couldn’t help but take photograph after photograph along the way.

Perry Woods, Faversham Perry Woods, Faversham Perry Woods, FavershamPerry Woods, Faversham

Perry Woods, FavershamPerry Woods, FavershamPerry Woods, FavershamSamoyed, Muddy Samoyed, Julius K9

Magnus was extremely unhelpful, almost dragging me over every time I stopped to raise my camera but at least he enjoyed himself. Look at his little muddy paws!

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