The month that was: February, March AND April

How are we in May already! Where the hell have the last few months gone? I was going to just write off the last couple of months in terms of round up’s, but having a good chunk of blog post sitting about in my drafts makes me feel like it would be a waste. So here goes, a quick round up of the last couple of months…

The last 3 months have mostly consisted of visits to the vet. Magnus developed an eye ulcer at the beginning of February and it’s been a constant battle to get his eye to heal. We have visited the vet more times in the last few weeks than throughout his whole life so far. It hurts in the most indescribable way to see him looking so uncomfortable, and it was hard not to sob a little every time he looked up at me with his closed gunky eye. I’ve felt like the WORST person in the world sticking eye drops in his eye five times a day. In the end he needed two small operations, one for a debridement which failed and then one at a specialist surgery in Canterbury. They cut the surface of his eye with a diamond tipped blade and he had to wear a contact lens and have his eyelids stitched to each other for two weeks, so it didn’t pop out. Poor little thing. It is FINALLY healing now and I am so relieved. I’m also extremely glad I have pet insurance…

magnus the samoyed with a corneal ulcer

Despite his poor little eye, we’ve had some lovely walks the past few months, exploring some new places close to home in Kent. We discovered Hucking Estate, which is actually really close to where I live and I’ve never been. I feel quite ashamed and it’s a really really nice place to be. We also hiked an Explore Kent trail around Oare Marshes which I’ve wrote about for Explore Kent. It was a great place to walk, with big open skies and some safe off-lead opportunities for Magnus, giving beautiful views across the water to the Isle of Sheppey. I also walked along the North Downs Way a lot near where I live and discovered a favourite new forest near Herne Bay, which I’ve revisited as much as possible. Steve and I have also explored a few Woodland Trust owned woodlands in Kent recently, including Park Wood in Chilham and Packing Wood near Ashford. Ever since I signed up to donate monthly to the Trust at the Adventure Camping Show, it’s become a thing to visit their woods as found in the little guidebook they sent me.

oare marshes kentleanne downs hiking north downs waybluebells in cromers wood, kentdog walking thornden woodskings woods kent bluebellsPark Wood Woodland Trust ChilhamPark Wood Woodland Trust Chilham

We’ve also made some progress with wedding planning recently, which is actually driving me a little bit insane. I have a new found respect for anyone that has ever invited me to their wedding. It is HARD to make decisions and organise such an event, not to mention super expensive. But we’ve finally decided on a venue and got lots of other things pencilled in.

leanne and steve portrait

Health wise, my ovarian cyst eventually resolved itself without any complications which is a big relief and I also had a small bowel MRI which was a hideous experience but has given me some very reassuring news that all is well with that part of my bowel at least.

MRI contrast injection bandage

In March I managed to sneak in a short spontaneous trip to Iceland with some friends. I was invited last minute, and when someone invites you to Iceland – do you say no? No, no you don’t. That was absolutely magical and I’ll write all about it at another time as I’ve a lot to catch up on here and a little of photos to share from the trip.

skogafoss iceland rainbowchurch iceland snow

Other good things about the past few months have included some lovely catch-ups with friends, progress in sorting out the garden and some exciting plans for the near future. All in all, the past few months have been really good, as I mentioned in my last post – there’s a lot to be thankful for!

swedish inspired garden shed

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