Setting goals and making wishes for an adventurous 2017

It’s almost 2017 and as 2016 isn’t quite over yet, i’m not ready to look back over the past twelve months, so i’ll save that for my next post. Right now all I am thinking about is how I want 2017 to unravel, so at this time next year, I can look back on the next 12 months, feeling even more happy and content than I do right now, thinking about all the wonderful things this year has given me.

I eagerly anticipate the beginning of a new year when December arrives, probably with a little more excitement than I have for Christmas. I relish the notions of fresh starts and the air of possibility it brings, and I enjoy setting goals and making a wishlist, reflecting back and looking forward positively.

Before starting this post, I sat and wrote down on paper what I want to make happen next year, looking back over my last posts along a similar vein. I was surprised and happy to see what i’d achieved this year from my last list and to find that my goals for next year came to mind a lot more quietly and calmly than those of previous years. I’ve found that i’m much less desperate for change in my life, and that’s a good place to be.

However, that’s not to be mistaken for complacency, I still have a whole HEAP of goals and aspirations for next year, so here goes (in no particular order of importance).





  • Visit Iceland for the first time, summer or winter – both times of year look equally beautiful, both if possible.
  • Go hiking and wild swimming in the mountains of Snowdonia.
  • See the Yorkshire Dales.
  • Camp on Dartmoor.
  • Explore the Caledonian Forests of Scotland.
  • Go back to Sweden and Norway with Steve, revisiting the sections of St. Olavsleden I missed and revisiting some of the lovely people I met. Drop in on Angeliqa in Vasteras, spend time in nature together and go to the Summer Car Meet.
  • Explore Innsbruck in Austria and the nature that surrounds it, maybe pop over the border to Brixen in Italy to revisit the Plose just for fun.
  • Swim under a waterfall.
  • Walk along a beach in Devon.
  • One Microadventure per month (Year of Microadventure).
  • Go horseback riding.
  • Get my silver & gold map reading award.
  • Attend a festival.
  • Apply for the Fjallraven Classic & Polar. I was so close to applying this year for the Polar.
  • Try a new adventure activity every month, ie. stand up paddle boarding or sailing, using Thryve to find adventures near me.
  • Hike as many sections of the North Downs Way and South Downs Way as possible.
  • Attend an outdoor winter skills course.
  • Do at least one of these things above solo, to finally feel confident outdoors on my own would be a wonderful achievement. I think i’ve come a long way this year.


Hiking in Sweden along St. Olavsleden

This is a big section for me, which I could endlessly add things to but should probably have stopped a bit short of what is written here. Ambitious, but maybe doable if I dedicate my time and my money wisely. One thing I plan to do this year, which kind of leaks into other sections, is to prioritise petrol. I’ve had the privilege of holding a drivers license for almost 10 years now and I’ve rarely used it to explore outside my own county in that time. This should change, as having a car is an amazing freedom and I am really lucky to be able to drive to most of the places on this list in a few hours or a day. I really haven’t made the most of that freedom. One of my career goals is to make more photography work and this goes hand in hand with this idea. Petrol is expensive and small trips can easily cost you hundreds of pounds. But if I plan well and sacrifice things like excessive pub grub, I can keep costs down and make more of my home country.




  • Participate in a 10k running event, ideally the 2017 Whitstable 10k.
  • Eat less meat and processed foods and consume more fruits and vegetables.
  • Go swimming once per week and workout/run 3-6 times per week.
  • Have longer and more quality walks with Magnus in places that make me feel good.
  • Practise bouldering once per month on a Saturday.
  • Meditate, stretch or do yoga on Sundays.


A swimmer in the mist next to a river in Devon with a swan flying past

I really don’t have any excuses not to fit some form of exercise into my daily routine, apart from laziness. I work from home mostly and I should be able to do these no problem. I just need to be more disciplined in all aspects of my life. This year i’m signing up to an event in order to keep me focussed on a goal for running and i’ve already been swimming once weekly for a little while. Eating less meat is becoming easier and easier too, so this should be totally doable.




  • Keep the house a bit more organised, clean and tidy.
  • Do a little bit of gardening every week and make our garden nice to spend more time in.
  • Spend more quality time with friends and family, doing nice things together.


radiogram, terrarium

I hate cleaning but I love the feeling of being in a tidy, clean home. I was brought up in show home conditions thanks to my super mum, who is a cleaning goddess. I think I need to spend a least 15 minutes a day cleaning a room in the house and this would make a huge difference. I also want to spend more time doing quiet, calming and mindful activities as I really think it would do me a world of good.




  • See in the successful launch of Thryve. It’s so close to being ready and I cannot wait to see it grow in 2017.
  • Blog at least 2 times per week.
  • Complete one personal photography project per month.
  • Be a million times better at book keeping and accounting.
  • Grow my photography business.
  • Attend lots of outdoor and photography related events.


canoeing on the river wye

This section looks small, but in my mind I have so many huge dreams and wishes for how I want this year to develop career and blog wise. I just thought i’d write a few things that can help me achieve all my dreams in this area. I have a lot of ambition, but more the kind of ambition that gives me a sense of joy and contentment in my work. I’ve been finding my feet this year, but now i’m ready to ramp things up in 2017.



  • Read at least one book per month.
  • Spend some time every day learning Swedish and Norwegian language using Babbel.
  • Get out of debt.
  • Buy/make more of my own household cleaning, beauty, hair and skin care products in a effort to be more eco-friendly. Actually, on the whole I want to live a more sustainable and eco-friendly life, so will make much more effort to avoid unnecessary plastic items and packaging altogether.
  • Start a meetup group.
  • Paint, draw, knit, sew, crochet, make art (and sell something I’ve made at a craft fair).
  • Fix Lulu and FINAAALLLYYY drive her again.
  • Plan our WEDDING!!!



Some big big tasks to accomplish here, wish me luck!

Wishing you all a happy and adventurous new year! What are your goals and wishes for 2017? 

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