A week in Montecatini Alto at Villa La Moresca

Hilly view from Montecatini Alto

This summer I was lucky enough to visit Italy twice within a couple of months, the first trip was to Rome and the second to a little town called Montecatini Alto.

Rome had been planned months in advance, Montecatini however was a very last minute trip for me as I only booked the flights a couple of weeks beforehand. I had just come out of hospital after my appendix tried to kill me and Steve’s family decided that I could do with a holiday, so they invited me to join them on this amazing trip.

We stayed in what was easily the most beautiful house I have ever stepped foot in, with views to take your breath away. The house had a tower which was reached via climbing a spiralling princess staircase and to get to the pool you walked through a secret tunnel under the garden. It was furnished with beautiful vintage french and Italian furniture and the decor was all florals and toile, which I love.

Montetcatini Alto

The Journey

We all arrived in different ways, a few of us – myself included, flew to Pisa. Some of us arrived by train, and Steve and his cousin drove all the way from England in his old Ford Capri. There were doubts that the car would make it, I removed my case from the car the night before it was due to leave, as it was having a few last minute problems.

Steve spent hours outside in the dark pouring over wiring diagrams, before finally deciding that they would have to solve the problems in the morning – and leave later than planned. We were all so relieved upon hearing the sound of its engine roaring into the villa’s driveway a couple of days later (with Steve looking very smug about proving the doubters wrong!).

Leanne Downs in a Ford capri

It was a magical holiday – I dipped my feet into the Mediterranean properly for the first time, ate so much amazing food, lounged by the pool, explored the town and watched the tiny little lights of Montecatini Terme below, shimmer in the night for hours, with my favourite person.

Leanne Downs in Montecatini Alto

About Montecatini Alto

Montecatini Alto is a small medieval village on top a huge hill overlooking the town of Montecatini Terme in Tuscany. This cute quintessential Italian village is reachable by car or via the old funicular railway from the town below. We stayed in a private villa here, as we were part of a large group. However if you are staying in the area, then Montecatini Alto makes a good place for a calm day trip, with a small square lined with cafe’s and restaurants, quaint shops and gorgeous views across the landscape. It is about a 45 minute drive from Pisa Airport, making it a great place to explore before your flight home. The Tuscan Riviera is about an hour away if you want to visit a beach for the day with Viareggio beach being one of the most popular.

Montecatini Alto Funicular

Restaurants in Montecatini Alto

Villa La Moresca

As we were holidaying as a large group, we stayed at the beautiful Villa La Moresca.We had a BBQ out in the garden most nights, with amazing sunsets and twinkly lights to follow. Occasionally we walked into town for a meal at one of the local restaurants or for lunch after a walk or a browse in the shops. Our hosts were fantastic and the house had everything we needed for a wonderful week in the sun.

 Swimming Pool Villa La Moresca

View over Montecatini Terme

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