Hiking St.Olavsleden : Pilgrimstad to Brunflo

It’s been a day of mixed feelings, so many nice things have happened but I can’t help but feel sad and frustrated that I’m not walking today.

The couple we stayed with at the vandrahem in Pilgrimstad drove me to Brunflo and dropped me about an hours walk away from where I would be staying. I walked for an hour on my own in gale force winds with a dodgy foot and  realised I’d left my walking poles behind. Angeliqa started walking further away from Brunflo and would meet me there.

By the time I reached Sörbygården I was feeling quite fed up, after being battered by winds and hit the face with an airborne pine cone! I was freezing and already tired from being a bit under the weather.

I was so warmly welcomed by Ann-Sofi at Sörbygården and instantly felt at home. This is the cosiest place with beautiful decor, fresh towels and cosy bedspreads. Perfect for recovering from a developing cold. I so want to push on with walking but I need to be kind to myself, or a risk putting myself out of action for longer.

I went to my room after Ann-Sofi gave me something to eat and I met her cute dog and fellow residents. I instantly fell asleep for a couple of hours with the wind howling outside and rattling the windows.

Later on in the day Angeliqa arrived and we caught up on her adventures from the day, showered, napped and sorted laundry.

Angeliqa called the medical advice hotline and they advised me to see a doctor when we reached Östersund for my foot and that I should rest for 7 days. I’m going to see how my foot feels every day and take it as it comes, I really don’t want to be out of action for that long, but right now the instant I put my boot on its painful. If anyone has some tips for recovering from a Achillies problem let me know!

Ann-Sofi treated us to the most amazing dinner of breads, cheese, reindeer and limosin beef salad with chanterelle mushrooms and fresh tagliatelle. Almost all of the food was locally sourced and exceptionally fresh. I felt absolutely spoiled! We drank homemade rhubarb lemonade and Eco beer (I’ve never ever found a beer I liked but this one was delicious).

After dinner we headed out for a walk around the grounds to take photos and appreciate the sunset. The winds were still blustery but there was blue sky and sunset colours.

We came back inside as the sun went down and was given this adorable blueberry dessert – a perfect way to end a rest day and it certainly made me feel better about my foot.

As the night drew in we worked in the cosy living space with cups of tea on our laps. I never thought pilgrim life would be so cosy!

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