Hiking St.Olavsleden : Östersund to Rödön

Today was a day for sorting things out in the city. I needed to restock on some of the things I have lost on the trail, left at accommodation or out on the road. I also needed to get my bag fixed and my boots checked to make sure they are not causing or aggravating my injury. It still hurts to even put them on. We also had food to collect from the post office, boots to collect for Angeliqa and general organising.

But first, tea! We were invited to the tea shop first thing by the lovely couple who own it. They stock and sell a huge variety of teas from all over the world. It’s amazing that this city is smaller in population than my home town but has so many nice niche shops.

We tried Japanese green matcha tea together and then they kindly allowed us both to choose a tea for the road! I chose lime and ginger because it seemed like it would be warming and good my throat, and it smelt amazing. Great for cold nights!

Then we all went for Fika together at a local cafe. I was taught about the Swedish cakes available, such as Dammsugare which means ‘Vacuum cleaner’ – I had a lot of fun with this. I had a hallongrotta which is like a raspberry biscuit cake and a English breakfast tea (can’t beat it!).

We had some fun brainstorming with them for a future adventure tea product that would be perfect for carrying tea on a trip like this. I had to throw all my Yorkshire tea away because it got weirdly perfumed by other tea in my pack and tasted gross.

After Fika we went to Nature Kompaniet outdoor shop to get Angeliqas new boots. I wish outdoor shops in the UK were are good as this.

Angeliqa started walking after lunch and I had to boringly wait for a bus for ages. Having already explored the city I sat in STF’s cosy living room space and made calls home.

After a stressful bus trip (finding the right stop to catch it and get off was very difficult and there is only one bus a day to my next stop!) I wish I could walk 🙁

I arrived in Rödösundet to the little cabin we would be staying in for the night. I was warmly welcomed at the roadside and shown around the place.

This surrounding area was very beautiful with lake views. On the bus here I got my first glimpse of the bigger mountains, so I am excited for the change in the landscape.

Once Angeliqa arrived, I cooked us a dinner of sausages and potatoes with salad. We stayed up late talking to our lovely hosts and then retired to our cabin for a good nights rest.

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