Hiking St. Olavsleden : Munkeby to Markabygda

One of the first things I saw this morning was this amazing halo around the sun. I’ve seen them around the moon before but not around the sun – apparently this fortells of snow but the next few days are going to be unseasonably warm apparently!

I went to write in the guestbook in the common area in the pilgrim accommodation before heading to the cafe area for breakfast.

Breakfast consisted of a delicious omelette and cold meats and cheese. In both Sweden and Norway sandwiches are a common breakfast food! There was also Norwegian Brunost (brown cheese) from the local area which is sweeter that ones I have tried previously. My new favourite!

We chatted to Håkon at breakfast and discovered he built this amazingly house on the farm as a teenager!

Angeliqa broke her memory card a day or two ago and Håkon kindly offered to drive us into Levanger so she could buy a new one.

We said goodbye to Håkon and Sissel and began our hike to Markabygarda through steep pine forest. The day grew increasingly hot as it went on, eventually we were out on the open road with the sun burning down on us. I had to pause to put suncream on my face. In September! In Norway!

The gravel road continued for some time up and over mountains. The uphills and downhills combined with the gravel was tough on the feet and legs. The heat made everything harder, but was much more preferable to yesterday’s rain!

We passed a beautiful lake and stopped for lunch nearby. It was an amazing feeling to sit in the grass in the sunshine.

In the afternoon we made it past the 100km to Trondheim point!

We still had a fair way to go late in the afternoon. We were slow paced today, the sunshine making us dry and drowsy. Soon we began to realise it was the hardest section so far, but we were rewarded by some of the most beautiful surrounding scenery.

The sunlight didn’t weaken until very late in the day, making it difficult to spot the trail markings ahead as we made our way through the forest.

Eventually we came out of the trees and onto road again surrounded by farmland at sunset, with low mist rolling in near the river. It was really beautiful.

As we came to the church in Markabygda, the moon had risen and the sky was darkening. We were absolutely exhausted.

We were warmly welcomed at the church hall by Peder, who had made us the most delicious fish soup to warm up and eat straight away.

We showered and ate, made fire and went to sleep in the hall with extremely achy legs but feeling very well cared for after a hard day.

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    • Hey Elliott,

      Thank you! So nice to hear that 🙂 All of the photos taken for my St. Olav journals were shot on a Sony AX5100 and then sent via wifi to my iphone where they were adjusted using the VSCO app and in some cases VSCO presets (which are responsible for the film like qualities). I really recommend this camera for travel shots, it was very light and perfect for hiking with. I did also take my canon 5D MKII but wish I hadn’t bothered, I dropped it, broke a lens and barely even used it! I also recommend hiking St. Olavsleden, it’s both scenic and easy to navigate and the people are LOVELY 🙂

      • Hey Leanne,

        I’ve just bought a Sony a6000 which is similar to yours. I usually shoot film on my Mjuii but it’s expensive to get developed! I’ve recently got rid of my Canon DSLR as it’s too bulky for adventures!

        • Hey Elliott,

          Great! I hope it works out well for you. I’ve been considering getting rid of my canon too and swapping for something like a Fuji XT2 or similar. I’m in NYC at the moment and I brought both my sony and my canon and I just cannot be bothered to lug the canon around and i’m happy with my sony shots so it’s playing on my mind quite a lot on this trip! I do miss film, I did a lot of colour film photography on medium and large format back when I was at uni and it was so good, but then I could develop the films myself for free using the facilities there and make prints, whereas now it’s just too expensive! Lets hope it makes a comeback and becomes cheaper again 🙂 Enjoy your new Sony!