Hiking St.Olavsleden : Mörsil to Hållandsgården

Day 15 turned into a rest day for both of us, with us both feeling pretty unwell and exhausted. Autumn is already in the air and the leaves are turning.

We had a slow morning at Bixogården before heading out for some lunch at Kretsloppshuset, which despite being in the sleepier town in the middle of nowhere, would again like Lina’s Praliner be at home in Covent Garden.

We fueled up on bright vitamin foods, veggies laced with tumeric and warming fish soup.

We took the bus to Hållandsgården, a family run hotel in between Mörsil and Åre.

Michael showed us around and took us to the family church on-site, which has a beautiful story. A dream brought to life by his father and the goodwill of local people, who built it together. A symbol of the kindness of strangers and community. I love it’s rustic, raw charm, inside and out.

We took a short evening walk along part of the trail to Olavs Well and picked wild raspberries which were here in abundance along the banks of the the waterfall.

We reached the pilgrims cabin and went inside to make tea on a fire. Michael had kindly given us firewood, candles and a pot so we could enjoy the cabin together.

Afterwards it was a short hike back to the hotel. We are sure a deer ran past us but it was as fast as a ghost.

We are a delicious dinner buffet of chicken curry and salad, followed by Brunost – a brown Norwegian cheese in honour of the hotels Norwegian group of guests. Something I was really happy to eat again, since having it in Tromso a couple of years ago.

Despite trying to make the most of the days I can’t walk, I am desperate to get back on the trail. I am longing to spend my day putting one foot in front of the other, feeling in the body and freeing the mind to wander as the landscape passes by.

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