Hiking St.Olavsleden : Hälleberg to Mörsil 

We started the day in the most unlikely place you’d think to find in the middle of nowhere. A chocolate shop. Lina’s Praliner is the most wonderful chocolate shop I’ve ever been in and I found her passion for chocolate really something special. She is a chocolate artist, making chocolates from scratch, roasting and conching the cocoa beans and then handcrafting individual, flavoursome chocolates. A mixture of cookery, art and science.

I’ve never seen or tasted an actual cocoa bean until now. They smell AMAZING. The taste is rich, dark and fruity. Unlike anything else. Lina was so kind to give us some beioful chocolates for hiking energy on the road. I cannot believe this place was just a short walk from our nights stay at Lisa’s house. Somewhere that would be at home in London among fine eateries and designer shops. This place has a population of less than 2000 people. My hometown has a population of over 60,000 and not one shop compares. I find this so mind blowing.

After we visited Lina, it was time to head to the next place of Mörsil. With my foot still bad, Lisa very kindly offered me a ride. However, it wasn’t long before the car started to lose power and we found ourselves stranded at the roadside. Lisa flagged a passing car and arranged for me to catch a ride with a girl who was travelling in my direction. I really hope your car got sorted okay Lisa! Thank you so much again.

I was dropped at a petrol station where I asked for directions to Bixogården, where we would be staying. A lovely old man drew me a map with the help of a nice lady at the counter.

Whilst at the station I spotted these two beautiful dogs! Missing my own dog, who is very similar to these (these are Eurasiers – which are bred from Samoyeds) I really wanted to pet them, so much so that I didn’t think twice about going straight over and asking their owner if I could. We had a nice chat and I got lots of fluffy cuddles.

I had a short unexpected hike with a heavy bag, not great for my foot but apart from it not feeling 100% I was so so happy to be waking along the road in the sunshine. I came here to walk.

Once I reached Mörsil, I deposited my bag at Bixogården and headed slowly into town for some lunch and for a little exploration. Räksmörgås was my only choice available at the teeny cafe, a bun topped with sliced egg, prawn, mayo, cucumber, tomoto, fresh dill and lemon. Delicious! And very Swedish.

The town was very tiny with only 2 cafes, a secondhand shop and a mini supermarket from what I could see. Apart from homes, churches and a school of course. It seemed very slow paced and sleepy.

Back at Bixogården, I waited for Angeliqa in front of warm fire made by my host.

As she was arriving much later than we thought, I rushed to ICA to buy pizza for us both, which we ate sleepily in front of the fire. We rested surrounded by beautiful but strange hunting objects and taxidermy, before having a very early night.

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