Hiking St.Olavsleden : Gålviken to Viskan 


We said goodbye to our lovely hosts this morning after a delicious breakfast of yogurt, museli, homemade jam, eggs, cheese, ham, sausage and local breads. They sent us on our way with some local cracker bread for the journey which was so kind! We definitely feel very refreshed this morning and stronger mentally and physically to face the days walking. There are a few more pictures I wanted to post from today but my WordPress app is having trouble so you can check my Instagram (@pineandpeak) to see more  photos.

Soon after we started walking we came to this Kjellvatten. I am told Kjell is a common Swedish name and vatten is water. Kjell happens to be the name of our host last night so I wonder if this has anything to do with him! It is the cutest find along the roadside, a teacup to drink from the fountain below.

After walking for a little while we came across this house with a huge Saint Bernard dog outside and we really wanted to say hello to it.

The family of the dog called us over to pet her and then invited us in to see their beautiful home from the very early 1900’s.

There were so many beautiful aspects to the house and interesting things to look at.

Almost every room had an ornate fireplace which was a different design for every room.

The one with pine tree leaves was my favourite.

They then invited us to tea and cake and chatted to us for awhile. They were a very warm and interesting family to talk with.

Yet another example of how lovely people can be to complete strangers. They didn’t have to invite us in to their home but they did and made us feel so welcome. We really enjoyed their company.

We continued our walk feeling incredibly lucky for all of the lovely meetings we have had along the way so far.

We eventually reached Stöde and stopped for lunch. We are a bit behind our schedule at the moment but that’s okay because we want to make the most of every thing the trail gives us.

There have been so many magical moment today, such as the moment a group of cranes flew overhead and we paused to watch them.

As the evening drew in, our walk became more off road and into the forest. I am so I love wit the nature here, it is so rich and varied and there is so much to look at.

This is white moss – isn’t it beautiful!

We decided to camp the night tonight down by a lake that was recommended to us. We walked through the woods and eventually came to a dance barn (which is the coolest thing ever in such an unexpected place) and we knew we  were close to our spot.

We pitched up and said our goodbyes to the lovely Rania (rowantree.se). Yesterday we said the road gives us what we need and it’s still true. Ranias boyfriend came to the rescue with a lens for my camera – a Pentax lens with a canon adaptor, so now I get to practise my manual focussing skills again.

We made a fire and had dinner looking out over the lake and then bedded down for our first night in the tent.

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