Hiking St.Olavsleden : England to Sundsvall

Today, Angeliqa and I finally arrived in Sundsvall ready to begin our 564km hike from Sweden to Norway along the St. Olav’s Way. It feels especially good because today has been such a long and exhausting day with numerous things going wrong.

Norwegian Air would not check in my bag at 5.47am this morning because I was 2 minutes too late, despite the fact this was due to a long queue with only 2 people on the desk. My only option was to purchase another ticket, board a later flight, and rebook the train tickets from Stockholm. This flight was then delayed by 2 hours and I almost missed the train connection from Stockholm. Then, I arrived on the train to find my seat had been double booked and I had nowhere to sit.

So after all of this stress and anxiety, running on under 4 hours sleep, I am finally here and in bed at Gaffelbyns Vandrahem, ready to wake up early and start walking.

The past few weeks have gone by so fast and I’ve been overwhelmed by preparations for the trip alongside everyday life – it feels so strange to be finally here. I was so preoccupied with all the bad stuff today it took me a while to settle on the train journey, but the sights of the beautiful forests, lakes and little red houses of Sweden were a good antidote, as well as having a good catch up with Angeliqa who I haven’t seen for months.

Once we arrived at Sundsvall, we walked to a supermarket and bought all of the essentials for TacoTorsdag! Thursday’s version of Tacofredag (Taco Friday) – a very Swedish tradition. We then walked to our accommodation to cook and lay out plans for tomorrow.

I’m looking forward to seeing Sundsvall with a fresh head tomorrow and taking in all the sights of this pretty seaside city as we make our way to the start of our pilgrimage in Selånger, when we will then trek 16km to Matfors.


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