Hiking St.Olavsleden : Brunflo to Östersund

I’m taking advice and resting my foot, whilst also trying to ward off the cold that’s creeping up on me. Realistically it is better to rest now and be able to go the majority of the trail then damage my foot further and bring this trip to a definite and abrupt end.

Whilst resting is ultimately frustrating, boring and not at all what I want to do, it is made a lot easier by the kindness of people around me and I’m doing my best to enjoy myself anyway.

Ann-Sofi laid out a delicious breakfast and after saying goodbye to Angeliqa, I went to see the horses whilst waiting for my bus to Östersund.

There are around 14 horses at Sörbygården and they are all Icelandic horses which are beautiful and exceptionally tough and hardy. Ann-Sofi uses them in competitions as well as providing riding opportunities for guests in the mountains and in the local area. I’m already dreaming of coming back here to ride one day in the future.

This is an Icelandic dog which has been a good friend to me during my stay. We’ve had lots of cuddles and she has followed us around whilst exploring the farm. I said goodbye to everyone and the animals and was taken to the bus stop for my bus.

I arrived in Östersund in cold sunshine, it’s definitely turned a lot cooler this week. I checked in to STF and then went into the town to find some advice and ointment for my foot.

I was prescribed an anti- inflammatory cream as I can’t take certain tablet versions due to other medication and then I heard that Angeliqa had arrived in town so we met up and found some lunch.

We went back to STF and spent some time catching up with admin in the cosy lounge area here. Angeliqa found herself in a magazine!

As the evening drew in, the light looked nice outside, so we decided to take a gentle stroll down to the waterfront.

I still can’t get over how many beautiful classic cars I’ve seen everywhere here, it’s turning me into a car photographer!

Once the sun had gone down we headed back to STF to make a dinner of salmon and potatoes.

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