Hiking St.Olavsleden : Borgsjö to Bräcke 

Today has been a bit of a rest and catch up day for us and we’ve had some difficult decisions to make. We have no planned full rest days on this trip but we do have to get to Trondheim for booked flights home.

We had to give ourselves the opportunity to rest a little and catch up to where we need to be. This means skipping a part of the trail.

We started the day by walking part of the trail in the area to St. Olavs Well. A huge natural puddle from a spring in the ground.

We drank a little from the well and then came our Norwegian friends, who we are not sure if we will see again on this journey so we said goodbye.

We had a big fuelling lunch of pasta and salad before catching a short train ride to Bräcke.

Once in Bräcke we visited the local ice cream parlour and visited the antique shop and charity shop, where we had coffee and biscuits with the lovely ladies who run it.

We were to stay the night at Mordviken (Murder Bay) with a man called Tord who runs pilgrim accommodation. We caught up with Mattias from Germany who we at met at our accommodation in Fränsta who would also be staying there.

Tord came to collect us from the town and take us to his house and accommodation along the road.

The house consisted of several converted barns and this amazing old ramshackle building with a great history, which is due to be restored.

It was nice to see this old Ford Anglia outside.

We picked wild strawberries and salad from his garden to have with the dinner he was cooking us.

He then showed us around the old falling down house and let us explore the roof and rooms.

Before dinner we were treated to a sauna and then sat down to eat a delicious meal of moose meat and potatoes.

Dessert consisted of warm cloudberries and icecream – I was very happy to finally try these in fresh form.

We spent the evening talking and drinking coffee in his warm living room. We really enjoyed his company and he had many interesting things to talk about including the fact that he designs and builds igloos and has built 3 Norwegian ice hotels!

He also showed us some old glass plate negatives that were shot in England and we had the excitement of opening and reading a letter and boxes from almost a hundred years ago.

I am hoping that after today we will feel more relaxed and rested. Working while on the road means there are things that need to be done when you are already feeling worn and tired. We are often not going to sleep till midnight or later and getting up early so it is good to have the opportunity to rest properly and catch up.

– also, I realised today that it’s been one year since I started work on Thryve.World! So much has happened in the past year, it’s truly been the best year yet and I am so grateful for it. It’s been good to reflect on this and I am really inspired on this trip and excited to get back to work after I am home.

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