Hiking St.Olavsleden : Åre to Tannförsen 

We awoke to blue skies filled with paragliders after a restful nights sleep.

Our first stop in the morning was at the holiday club hotel to meet with Helena and Sara, have breakfast and deposit our bags for the day.

After this, it was time for me to go to the hospital and get my foot and throat checked by a doctor, as it been rested for several days and my throat was only getting more painful. I waited at the hospital for 3 hours to be seen at the walk in clinic. I was given advice by the doctor for my throat and prescribed steroid medication to reduce the inflammation in my foot, to help me get back on the road.

Afterwards I met up with Angeliqa and we had lunch at the creperie – an amazing salmon and cloudberry cream savoury pancake!

Then we went back to the holiday club as we had been given passes to use their ‘Sauna World’ – A collection of different saunas with different smells, lighting and temperatures and a variety of pools. One was literally as cold as ice but quite invigorating!

Afterwards we felt revitalised and went back to our room to get ready. We had the most amazing room with the best view I have ever had from a hotel window – a huge lake and mountains.

In the evening we were invited for a dinner of potatoes, moose burger, lingonberry and cream sauce with Louise and Martin (of Isbergs Photography/OutdoorSwe/Urstig) at their home. We spent the evening chatting about photography etc.. And we left feeling really inspired.

The next morning it was time for me to get back on the road for a full day (Yay!) my foot was rested and feeling ok in my boots and I was armed with medication.

We walked along the road and eventually came to Duved, the last place with a supermarket for a few days. We explored the beautiful wooden church before stopping for lunch.

We came across a kebab house with a good lunchtime deal and had the poshest kebab I have ever had served on a plate). I also tried Trocadero – don’t ask me what it tastes like because I have no idea!

There was a lot of Tarmac pounding today, which is so irritating for the feet. We eventually came to a big main road which was being resurfaced. Road, both surfaced and unsurfaced is becoming my new version of hell.

After what felt like forever, with much cursing of asphalt we came to Tannforsen, where we met back up with Gunilla.

We refreshed in the cabin and rested the aching feet briefly before taking a short evening stroll to see the waterfull. A truly stunning place where you can only stand in awe of the power of the water and of nature.

Being back on the road a full day again felt great but also reminded me how harsh it can feel in the body, carrying a huge pack and pounding the feet all day. I felt exhausted afterwards. This is also the first day without a good phone connection and Internet for me, which makes you suddenly feel a little isolated. It’s amazing how much you rely on your phone to feel secure.

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