Buff Harlekin Multi Slim Fit

I’ve got a bit of a love hate relationship with hiking headbands. I love anything that combines function and fashion but I find them really difficult to wear myself. Maybe I just have a really strange shaped head, but it just constantly slides off and bunches my hair up awkwardly, which isn’t a good look and isn’t comfortable, so is completely non-functional as a result.

I’ve tried a few varieties of non-branded ones from cheap outlets but they are seldom worn. I mainly wear them on my neck as I find it much more comfortable and it keeps your neck quite toasty without the extra weight of a scarf. I found that wearing this kind of versatile headwear a godsend when husky sledding in Norway, as no one tells you about the whole going-to-the-toilet-while-running-and-kicking-it-in-your-face-scenario (you have now been warned), and I find it handy to wear when running to wipe sweat off my face (nice). It’s also pretty handy and light to wear when climbing mountains, to cover your neck and face when you reach a cold windy summit, but mostly I end up just using one to keep my hair off my face on the odd occasion I decide to wear makeup.


buff headwear heandbands for hiking


Recently I was gifted an actual Buff, not a bog standard buff but a Buff buff. I was thinking to myself that this would be another pointless addition to my rarely used collection, but then I saw that there is a range of different types available including a slim fit one which gave me a bit of hope for my weird shaped head.
I guess with most things, if you buy from a brand that specialises in that one thing instead of many, you are more likely to be buying a product that is well designed. You’d think that this wouldn’t apply to what is essentially a piece of fabric but actually I was pleasantly surprised to find that my Buff buff was noticeably better than my other hiking headbands in both fabric quality and fit (though it still had me swearing a little bit when I couldn’t get it to sit perfectly on my head in a comfortable and useful way first time round).


buff headband


So far I’ve worn it running and hiking a few times and it is actually a lot more comfortable than the others I own and a bit more funky lookin’. It’s been pretty cold lately so I’ve used it to keep my mouth and nose warm when jogging or walking the dog, to keep the wind off my face and it is small and light, making it more convenient than a scarf for activities and better for when you’re not actually sure how to dress for this ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ weather. I’m interested in investing in a merino wool Buff in the near future, which I think will be super snug and warm for colder adventures.


buff hiking headband and scarf


I’ve watched videos on how to wear Buff style hiking headbands and it is quite impressive how many ways they can be used, not that I think I would really use it for anything other than a neck warmer, face warmer, a headband to keep my hair off my face or wrapped around my wrist as a sweat band. I think some of the other ways of wearing it are better suited to bikers and desert explorers, but I do think it’s pretty cool that something really simple can be so functional. I’m a bit of a gear nerd like that.


Buff Hiking Headbands

If you’ve got any tips for comfortably wearing headbands for hiking, please comment below!

I was gifted this Buff by KitShack. I chose it personally and would never give a false opinion of a product. I only write about things I genuinely like and am interested in.

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  • I have the exact same problem with headbands! I can’t get them to stay put and I don’t look very good in them either haha. You really rock your buff, it suits you! I’m glad you finally found one that works better and a merino wool one sounds amazingly warm and cozy!

    I can only concur with the part about buying a product from a brand that actually knows what it’s doing. It costs a bit more but it’s always worth in the long run, both for you being pleased, your wallet And the environment since those kinds of products usually lasts longer too! *thumbs up*