France Road Trip

In September, we travelled to the south of France for a weeks holiday in the sun to celebrate Steve’s mum’s 50th birthday. We drove down in the Capri which took 4 days worth of driving in total to get there and back, staying in Dijon on the way there and Reims on the way back. It was my first time driving outside of the UK and my first real experience of driving the Capri, after Steve finally gave in to letting me drive!

It was a lovely week and we stayed in a beautiful villa a little outside of Nice. I never actually ventured to Nice itself which in hindsight I regret slightly but we did visit some cute villages and towns around, as well as take a hiking trip to the Parc Du Mercantour and to a sandy beach near Cannes.

I’m not normally much of a beach or pool holiday person but it was nice to relax in the warmth and eat lots of barbecue food every night with no other commitments. I’d been through a bit of a stressful time before the holiday and felt at quite a low point in the couple of months before so it was just nice to unwind before going home and back to the third week of my new job.

I just wanted to post a few photos from the trip, so they don’t forever dwell in the depths of my hardrive!

NICE15-1 NICE15-2 NICE15-3 NICE15-4 NICE15-5 NICE15-6 NICE15-7 NICE15-8  NICE15-10   NICE15-13  NICE15-15   NICE15-18 NICE15-19    NICE15-23  NICE15-25





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