Forests and friends : 40/52

Helloo, how was your weekend?

I had a pretty chilled and cosy weekend catching up with some friends, starting with lunch and shopping in Canterbury on Saturday. I say shopping but I didn’t actually buy anything, only food. I wanted to buy some new winter boots but couldn’t find anything I liked. Was still a lovely day out catching up with S who I haven’t seen in months.

On Sunday morning, I welcomed the cooler weather by bringing my autumn/winter clothes down from the loft and swapping them with the summer clothes in my tiny wardrobe. Jumper weather is finally here (always an exciting time) and it’s so nice to see all my cosy knits hanging in there again. I also decided to have ruthless clear out at the same time, bagging up lots of barely worn, worn out or ill-fitting clothes to donate to my friends charity clothes swap. I’ve wanted to downshift for awhile and get rid of a lot of pointless possessions in order to feel lighter and less weighed down by ‘stuff’, so this was a big step towards this and my dream eco-friendly capsule wardrobe.

In the afternoon I dragged two of my besties out for a little woodland adventure, to the beautiful King’s Wood in Challock. We walked for a couple of hours, looking at mushrooms and admiring all the lovely moss we could find. There are sweet chestnuts everywhere on the ground at the moment, I wish I had collected some to roast but maybe next weekend. We followed our walk with a cosy drink in a nearby pub before heading home.

The rest of the week was quite productive with lots of things ticked off my to do list. I worked in London on Tuesday with the Thryve team which is always nice despite my hatred of busy public transport. I even managed to go to a ‘This Girl Can‘ aqua class at my local pool on Thursday, which I’ve been meaning to do again for ages.

I also joined the gym this week, which is a pretty big deal! I do a lot of walking with Magnus but I’m generally pretty sedentary due to my work, so I’ve wanted to create the opportunity to get a bit more active and improve my fitness. The darker evenings mean that there is even less opportunity for getting outside in daylight hours over the next few months. So to keep things varied and interesting and increase my chances of fitting in some exercise, I’ve decided that i’m going mix gym time with a variety of classes such as aqua, yoga and pilates as well as outdoor running (inc. my local parkrun) bouldering and swimming. I’m really looking forward to doing a couple of classes this week and getting out of the house a bit more and getting active.

Things I’ve loved this week



This is a really wonderful opportunity for anyone who wants to have a life-changing adventure but might not have the support (financial or otherwise) to make it happen. I really love how supportive the adventure community is and i’m really excited for whoever is awarded this grant from Anna and Arc’teryx.

Ordnance Survey have just released a really cool feature in their maps app which allows you to identify what’s around you using your phones camera. I’m looking forward to playing with this properly when I get out and about next weekend!




A lot of map love this week. I stumbled across This Way who create beautifully designed simplified maps which aim to make it easier for every adventurers and weekend warriors to enjoy the outdoors. I’m really looking forward to seeing what the future holds for these guys as there are only two maps available right now. I’m going to purchase one of their maps when I know I have a trip coming up somewhere that they cover. I might even plan one just so I can give them a go!



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