Christmas : Part 2

This christmas was one of the best i’ve ever had, it felt truly festive and was filled with so many of my favourite people! Knowing I haven’t got to go back to work until January really helped me relax and enjoy it this year, as last year I only had Christmas Day and Boxing Day off – it makes such a difference. Christmas Eve was spent last minute shopping – I’ve been so busy this year that I left everything so late, it is nice though to have days that feel long and full. After travelling to Canterbury by myself on the train to shop solo, we made dinner and settled down with Mulled Wine and watched It’s a Wonderful Life. I also read my favourite Christmas book from when I was a child called ‘The Christmas Reindeer’ which has the most beautiful illustrations in.

On Christmas morning we woke up and opened our stockings with Magnus in bed, he had his own one to open too! Then it was time to start the turkey. We rubbed it with butter, put it in the oven and began to prep and cook everything else. Eventually my mum and brothers arrived and we had a lovely afternoon dinner and played old video games on the telly after we opened presents. I was very spoilt this year and am now the very excited owner of a beautiful Kitchen Aid mixer! I can’t wait to bake bake bake.

So many lovely gifts were given to me this year, but to spend Christmas with my family and Steve’s family was the greatest gift of all. After a particularly tough year, you appreciate more than ever what a treasure it is to share moments like these with the ones you love the most.

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