Alice’s Birthday in Southsea: Artypotz and Pie & Vinyl

Back in July I went to Southsea near Portsmouth to celebrate my friend Alice’s birthday. We had an amazing day which started with painting pottery at ArtyPotz Ceramics. This little pottery shop is the cutest thing and definitely had me fantasising of having a similar shop of my own one day (I have way to many career aspirations). I decided to paint my ‘dream house’ – a little red Swedish/Norwegian style home in the woods near the mountains and am really quite proud of it. I’ve wanted to try painting pottery for a while and I enjoyed it so much. I used to draw and paint everyday when I was a kid, but now I barely make time for it. It was so fun and slightly therapeutic to listen to everyone chatting around you whilst concentrating on drawing on the plate with coloured paints. I had to wait a little while for it to be fired and then delivered by Alice when she was visiting next, but now it has pride of place in the living room!

After pottery fun, we went to Pie & Vinyl for some lunch, which is probably the coolest place in Southsea. The interior is amazing and the pies taste as good as they look, so i’d definitely recommend you give this place a visit if in the area. They also have some interesting ice cream flavours and i’m a sucker for anything that has a interesting flavour so I had to try them all. I had vanilla bourbon and sea buckthorn – the sea buckthorn was amazing, it had a tropical fruity taste and I’m definitely going to try and forage these in the future to make something from. I went for a curry style pie (I forget the name) and it was delicious.

Next we headed to the funfair which i’m sad to say I am not a big fan of rides at all so didn’t go on anything. This is probably for the best as Alice and Siobhan took a fateful ride on this extreme spinning tea cup type ride (see, I don’t even know the name for it) and let’s just say that Alice got to experience her pie all over again…

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