I’m Leanne. A nature lover who loves to spend time outdoors, travel, and embark on adventures both big and small. Pine & Peak is my own personal corner of the internet where I can express myself, be creative and share a little of what makes me happy. I hope that anyone who stumbles across it, finds what they were looking for – whether that be a snippet of information, some inspiration for an adventure or just a quiet moment of escapism.

I work as a photographer, writer and blogger. Three years ago, I got involved in a project called Thryve which aims to promote the beauty of UK landscape, make our outdoor spaces more accessible and highlight that adventure is for everyone.

Right now, I live in the south east of England with my husband and our dog in a small blue house. Soon this will all change however, as next summer we intend to hit the road and spend some time exploring the UK, before making our way through the Nordic countries and the rest of Europe, living and travelling full-time together in a self-converted campervan.

In the future, I would dearly love to live a slow life closer to nature, somewhere in the North. I’ve always felt drawn to the landscapes of the arctic, even as a little girl. I fell in love with the landscapes of Norway around the age of 12 after watching a documentary about the northern lights. However, it was Sweden stole my heart, after I walked across both countries back in 2016. Since then, I’ve dreamed of living in a red and white cottage, close to its mountains, surrounded by forests of spruce and pine.




If you would like to collaborate with Pine & Peak, or if you are interested in hiring me for photography or writing work, please contact me via the contact form or social channels

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