2015 Wishlist

By the end of 2015 I hope to have:

Visited Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Iceland, Sweden and Norway (again).

Ran 5k without stopping to catch a breath.

Gone wild swimming.

Camped out under the stars.

Had a microadventure.

Driven Lulu again.

Sold crafts from my own stall at a fair.

Read all of the books still unread on my bookshelf.

Written a blog post every week.

Been to festival.

Saved money and freed myself of debt.

Straightened my teeth.

Reached some career goals.

Taught Magnus not to bark inappropriately.

Planted some vegetables.

Visited Warner Brothers Studio Tours (Harry Potter!) with my mum.

Been horseback riding.

Photographed a lot more.

I could go on.


I know I will probably not accomplish a lot of this, but I guess i’ve got about 365 days to give it a good try!







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