2015: Wishlist Review

Last year I made a 2015 Wishlist. I called it a ‘wishlist’ rather than a list of ‘resolutions’ because I think the word resolution carries some negativity. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for resolutions. In fact, when people are really anti-making new years resolutions I think it is a shame. What is so wrong with setting goals and embracing all the wonderful fresh, positive feelings that the start of a new calendar year can bring. Surely it’s a good thing? I love the few days before the start of a new year. It’s a time for tying up loose ends, cleaning the house and ticking some final things off the to-do list once and for all. It’s a wonderful time to reflect positively on the year past and the one you are about to have. People moan that resolutions are notoriously broken after only a few days, but really, they’re not broken until the clock chimes for midnight, twelve months later.

I think many people see resolutions as this solid immovable goal post, that are not allowed to bend and shape around real life. The fact is things rarely go how we plan and things get in the way, but why should that stop you aiming for what you want to achieve? I planned to start eating more healthily from today, after having a purposely indulgent 1st of January. Instead i’ve eaten what feels like the entire contents of my fridge, but that’s okay, because I know that for the next three hundred and sixty plus days and beyond, i’m going to keep trying to better myself, reach my goals and do all the things I want to do. If I don’t do them that’s fine, because i’m only disappointing myself. The important part is that i’m consciously making a effort, I want things to change and I know they will. Maybe not how imagined at first or exactly how I wanted, or at the pace I thought they would, but it’s incredibly unrealistic to assume life will ever go exactly how I plan and desire it to go. I’m constantly putting far too much pressure on myself in all aspects of everyday life and it only paralyses me, preventing me from making any progress at all.

The word resolution sounds a little immovable, a little like if you don’t make it happen at first try, you’ve failed so give up. So instead, I like to make a wishlist. It feels a lot more fluid this way and a lot less pressure. Only I can give myself these wishes and make the things I want a reality. In fact, one of my wishes this year is to pressure myself less, so this feels like a positive way to go.


Last year I wished for these things, so it’s time to reflect back:

in 2015 I hope to have –

Visited Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Iceland, Sweden and Norway (again). – I only managed Wales, from this list, but I did go twice! Which is two more times that I’ve ever been in my life. Pretty good for one year in that case so I’ll carry these other places over to 2016 and I’m much more confident that these will happen this year. I’ve definitely changed my attitude to travelling since making these, so it’s left me feeling positive that I will find myself in these places at some point this year.

Ran 5k without stopping to catch a breath. – I made it to 5k on a couple of runs, I didn’t stop. I walked a little, but I did more than I ever have so here’s to surpassing this one in 2016.

Gone wild swimming. – The memories of achieving this make me smile, it wasn’t an incredible distance or a significant length of time, but I swam in the sea and a river. A big deal for a girl who only took swimming lessons earlier this year.

Camped out under the stars. – I’ve been lucky enough to camp out on a couple of occasions in 2015. Now i’ve purchased all the equipment I need, I think this will be a more frequent occurrence in 2016.

Had a microadventure. – I think the above counts.

Driven Lulu again. – Sadly no, but I bought Steve a welder for Christmas and she will be moving into our garage in the next 2 weeks. So positive steps towards this have been made. 

Sold crafts from my own stall at a fair. – Again no, but I have a plan in place for this year. I turns out, I need a lot of practise to produce the things I want to make and sell. I have made lots of things this year and now have a lot of the things I need, so another one to build on for 2016.

Read all of the books still unread on my bookshelf. – Guilty. I’ve read nowhere near as much as I wanted. I currently have a couple of books that i’m labouring through. Working on this.

Written a blog post every week. – Oops. Let’s move this one forward…

Been to festival. Nope 🙁 But i’ve done a lot of things I didn’t think i’d do this year that are way better than a festival, so ner.

Saved money and freed myself of debt. Ha, no.

Straightened my teeth. – Glad to say i’m halfway through Invisalign treatment. Best decision ever.  

Reached some career goals. – A big YES. Mostly homeworking, sort of self-employed, doing something I enjoy. This has made a massive improvement to my every day life and general contentment. 

Taught Magnus not to bark inappropriately. – We’ve made progress here. 

Planted some vegetables. – Do herbs count?

Visited Warner Brothers Studio Tours (Harry Potter!) with my mum. – I have tickets! I just need to book. 

Been horseback riding. – Another for 2016

Photographed a lot more. – I think this has definitely been achieved, so now 2016 has to top this.

Whilst I didn’t manage all of the above, I feel so positive about the past 12 months. I achieved some big things on this list that I didn’t think I would, whilst not achieving some of the ones I thought were sure bets. I guess that’s just how things go, the important thing is, I’m happy and i’m positive about making the rest happen this year. All is not lost.

Here’s to 2016! Time to make my new wishlist.



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